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Premium White DJ Console


Boutique DJ/MC

The guy that started it all, Mike is the backbone of all things Prestige. He’s the foundation for the companies customized feel and excellent customer service. And he can play the heck out of some music on the turntables.


Premium White DJ Console


Lead Boutique DJ/MC

Noah will bring the life to the party, wherever he’s at. Want your event to rock? Want people on the floor all night long? This is your guy. Everyone who’s held a party with this guy at the helm has raved about him.



Premium White DJ Console

DJ Operations Manager

Boutique DJ/MC

Spencer knows how to create an atmosphere that you and your guests will remember and enjoy. With a keen eye for details and a calm approach, Spencer will be there every step of the way to make sure your wedding night is one for the books.



Premium White DJ Console

Boutique DJ/MC

Dan has a vast background in the DJ world and has the tools to create a great party. He’s super upbeat and extremely service-oriented – your event will not only be fun, but will be highly personalized to your exact specifications.

P Nathan.jpg


Premium White DJ Console


Nathan knows how to mix! Not only is he a phenomenal wedding DJ, he is a trained percussionist and loves producing music. Nathan has a relaxed personality and his presence on the mic is a perfect blend of energetic and genuine. Be ready for an amazing night - Nathan is your guy!



Premium White DJ Console


Logan is the ultimate MC and loves getting your guests amped up for an amazing evening. In addition to DJing, he is a music producer and loves the Michigan hip-hop scene. His charming personality makes him the perfect man to have as your DJ and MC for your wedding!




Will has a passion for music and loves creating a fun-filled atmosphere. He has a smooth style and is very creative with his dance floor setlists. Will is a calm, yet assertive MC and his relaxed personality is perfect for a stress free event.




Alec has years of experience in the musical world. His caring approach and laid-back personality make him the type of guy that everyone wants to be friends with. Alec is an expert at managing all aspects of a wedding and will make sure your day is fun and stress free.

P Brandon.jpg

Brandon A. 


 Brandon, the ultimate party catalyst! With his infectious energy and approachable nature, he's the guy you want as your wedding MC/host. When it's time to turn up the fun, Brandon is the ultimate DJ, ready to unleash an incredible selection of tunes that will have everyone on the dance floor.

P Dom.jpg



DJ Dom is the party maestro, guaranteed to turn up the heat and keep the dance floor packed all night. Get ready to experience an epic party like never before, with DJ Dom setting the vibe with his top-notch mixing skills and on-point song selections.

P Alex.jpg



Bringing the party to life, DJ/MC Austin is your go-to celebration catalyst. With a blend of experience, professionalism, and boundless enthusiasm, Austin crafts vibrant atmospheres filled with joy. His seamless mix of tracks and infectious stage presence ensures your event feels like a personalized celebration, where every moment is about you.

P Tito.jpg



DJ Tito is dedicated to ensuring you have the best time on your wedding day, surrounded by your closest friends and family. With a passion for creating unforgettable moments, Tito's goal is to keep the dance floor alive all night long. With a carefully curated playlist and seamless transitions, Tito ensures that you and your guests dance the night away, celebrating love and joy in style.

P Fadi.jpg



With genuine warmth and dedication, DJ/MC Fadi ensures your day is truly yours. Passionate about personalizing each event, Fadi's professionalism and attentiveness shine through. From curating the perfect playlist to ensuring seamless transitions, Fadi guarantees unforgettable moments tailored to your unique style.

P Matt.jpg



With a knack for turning gatherings into unforgettable experiences, DJ/MC Matt brings expertise and dedication to every event. Known for curating vibrant atmospheres and keeping the dance floor alive, Matt's seamless blend of tracks and magnetic stage presence ensure every moment is filled with infectious energy, making your party feel like a night out with friends.

P Justin.jpg



Justin is a master of mixing music, and loves working in songs of all genres and eras into a dance floor set. His energetic MC skills and keen eye for details will keep your wedding on track and flowing smooth. Your guests will keep talking about how amazing your DJ was with Justin at the helm!




Infusing every event with infectious energy, DJ/MC Ricky is the master of setting the mood and keeping the party alive. With a bubbly personality that radiates positivity, Ricky's dynamic skills behind the turntables and mic create unforgettable moments that elevate any celebration.

P Tom.jpg



Tom might be the most knowledgeable DJ/MC on our team! His background in sound systems and lighting led to becoming a professional DJ, and the rest is history. You will love having Tom hype up your crowd and pack your dance floor!




Bryan got his start in the clubs around Boston and New York and he knows how to pack a dance floor. With lots of energy and a supremely positive vibe, you’ll be so glad Bryan was your wedding DJ!

P Blank.jpg

Brandon M. 

Prestige GR Co-Owner
Grand Rapids DJ/MC

Meet Brandon, your go-to DJ/MC and Co-Owner of Prestige Grand Rapids. With a passion for crafting unforgettable experiences, Brandon brings both experience and enthusiasm to every event. Get ready for a fun-filled dance floor and seamless event execution with Brandon leading the way.



Grand Rapids DJ/MC

Meet Alex, your Grand Rapids DJ/MC, dedicated to crafting unforgettable memories and delivering epic experiences. With a passion for excellence, Alex ensures a seamless and unforgettable event, keeping the energy high and the dance floor packed. Get ready for a night to remember with Alex at the helm.

P Blank.jpg


Grand Rapids DJ/MC

Meet Keil, your Prestige Grand Rapids DJ/MC, dedicated to flawlessly orchestrating your event and creating a personalized experience for your big day. With a passion for excellence and a knack for keeping the flow smooth, Keil ensures every moment is unforgettable. Get ready for a tailored and seamless celebration with Keil.

DJ/MC Logan
DJ/MC Will