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Lead Coordinator
Client Onboarding Specialist
Photo Booth Operations Manager

Meet Amber, your guru for all things photo booth! As the operations manager, she's thrilled to be your guide, helping you navigate through the myriad of personalization options to create a truly unforgettable photo booth experience.  Whether it's selecting the perfect backdrop, props, or customizing prints, she's here to ensure your photo booth experience is nothing short of amazing.

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Photo Booth Attendant

Ella is your go-to photo booth attendant who infuses every snapshot with fun and friendliness. With her infectious energy, she turns ordinary moments into extraordinary memories, making sure every guest strikes a pose, leaves with a smile, and takes home unforgettable snapshots.

P Jacob.jpg


Photo Booth Attendant

Introducing Jacob, your photo booth maestro and memory maker! With his genuine warmth and heartfelt dedication, he's all about creating an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Jacob pours his heart into every moment, ensuring that each snapshot is filled with genuine laughter and joy.

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Photo Booth Attendant

Meet Riley, your friendly photo booth attendant dedicated to turning snapshots into cherished memories. With a helpful and warm demeanor that puts guests at ease, Riley ensures every event is filled with laughter and unforgettable snapshots.

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Photo Booth Attendant

With her infectious energy and vibrant personality, she's all about turning up the fun factor at your event. Lindsey knows how to keep the good times rolling and the smiles flowing, making every snapshot a memory to cherish. Get ready to strike a pose and let loose with Lindsey by your side, ensuring your photo booth experience is nothing short of a blast!

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Photo Booth Attendant

Samantha brings a unique blend of creativity and charm, ensuring that every moment in the booth is brimming with laughter and spontaneity. From quirky props to contagious smiles, she's all about curating an experience that's as unforgettable as it is enjoyable. Get ready to make memories and let loose with Samantha, your go-to gal for a photo booth adventure like no other! of a blast!

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Photo Booth Attendant

Introducing Tyler, your photo booth aficionado and vibe curator! With his laid-back charm and effortless cool, he's here to set the mood for an unforgettable experience. From quirky props to spontaneous poses, he's all about infusing a touch of personality into every moment. When he's not capturing memories behind the lens, you can also catch him working lighting tech with cold sparks, dancing on a cloud, uplights, and more, adding that extra spark to your event.

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Live Musician
Photo Booth Attendant

Meet Christina, your photo booth virtuoso and memory curator! Christina's passion for creativity shines through in every aspect of the photo booth experience and her warm demeanor and attentive nature ensure that every guest feels welcomed and at ease, ready to strike a pose and capture precious memories.

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