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You’ve waited for this day for a long time. Now, it’s going to be a reality. Our DJs customize the music to fit you. Our preparation starts early from our planning forms to the final information meeting you'll have with YOUR DJ.  We do so much more than just play music, we inject life into the party.




  • Immediate access to client portal and planning forms

  • Tips and tricks sent periodically via email to help get the wheels turning + help with final info meeting preparation

30 Days Out

  • DJ will reach out via email to schedule your final information meeting to discuss:

    • Wedding party names & order

    • Wedding events to MC / Timeline

    • Music preferences by event & time of day


Your Wedding Day!

  • DJ Arrives 2 Hours prior to start time for setup


  • Wedding Party

    • Names​ + pronunciation

    • Processional + Grand Entrance Order

  • Formal Events

    • Timeline + Music Selections​

  • Music Preferences

    • Must-Play + Do-Not-Play

    • Ceremony seating, Cocktail Hour, Dinner & Dancing ​


  • Additional Speakers

  • Additional Hours

  • Lighting (Uplights, Monogram, Dance Floor, Cold Sparks)

  • Ceremony Sound System

  • Tent Rental, Generator Rental

  • Photo/Video Projector


Here are some of the most popular questions from the thousands of weddings we have served.

1 / How many songs should I share with my DJ?

You can select songs that you would like to hear at your event (as well as songs you don’t want to hear) through our online planning system. You will receive login information for that system in an email with your contract. The number of songs you request is totally up to you! We recommend giving your DJ at least 10-15 songs of different genres and artists that you would like to hear. A few songs/artists that you don’t want to hear is always helpful as well. If you end up requesting a lot of songs, just keep in mind the time constraints of your event. During your final information meeting, your DJ will ask about your music preferences.

2 / Will my DJ take song requests from guests at our wedding?

Prestige DJs do take song requests and often play many of them (unless told explicitly by the couple not to). But we also filter requests we get from guests. So if we get a request for a song or genre that you’ve specified a “Do Not Play,” we won’t play it. But, on the flip-side, if someone requests a song that fits well with your vibe and music choices, the DJ may play it. It’s important to remember that your DJ is an event professional. They know which tracks get the dance floor going and which ones may clear it out. And since Prestige DJs don’t just show up and press play on a pre-made set, we have the flexibility to react to the vibe of the crowd.

3 / What if something happens to our DJ?

While it’s by no means normal, occasionally incidents are unavoidable. And a big part of planning your event is having a contingency plan. You don’t want to be left high-and-dry at your reception, after all. And if your DJ gets a flat tire or is struck by lightning en route to your event, we have a plan. When you book a Prestige DJ, you’re getting a Prestige DJ. It’s as simple as that. So we always keep a professional DJ on retainer, that way, in the (extremely unlikely) event that something does happen to your DJ, you’ll still get a professional, experienced, and talented wedding DJ. Emergencies may be unavoidable, but that’s no excuse for your event to be music-less. When you book Prestige, you know we’ll be there.

4 / When will our DJ arrive for setup on our wedding day?

On your wedding date, we'll arrive 2 hours early to set up and test our equipment. Then, we'll start preparing your playlist and setting up the lights. When your wedding begins, we'll take care of the rest. We'll greet your guests, introduce ourselves, and then begin playing the songs you requested. Throughout the evening, we'll stay in constant communication with you so that you always know what's going on. We want to help you relax and enjoy yourself while your guests party!

5 / How long does the 'open dancing' portion of the night usually last?

Most commonly, we see approximately 3 hours of open dancing. On the actual day of the wedding, this can fluctuate depending on how all the other events line up with your original timeline, with the time that is left over devoted to the dance party.

6 / How long do our formal dances usually take?

We tell our couples to usually plan for about 10 minutes to 20 minutes for the special dances. This will include the first dance, parents' dances, and the first song to kick off the dance party.

7 / Can I select my DJ?

You may absolutely choose your DJ!


Step 1 | Request a list of DJs that are currently available on your date.

Step 2 | Confirm your request and lock in YOUR wedding DJ.

Videos of our DJs in action can be found here:

Meet Our Team | Prestige Weddings & Events


Not sure who's the right fit? We've got you! We love playing DJ matchmaker, after all, we actually know these guys! Let us connect you with the right DJ for your wedding by considering individual expertise with your venue, personality, music taste, and MC style.

8 / Can I add or adjust a service later?

For sure! Most of our couples don't have all the details at booking, and often times, need to add services or make adjustments later on. As you figure out the details, we will be here to help make the appropriate changes to take care of all your needs. Easy-peasy!

9 / Do I need to complete our online planning forms before the meeting with our DJ?

Your online planning forms are a resource for you to use as much or as little as you would like. With that being said, these forms will be used as a conversation checklist throughout your final information meeting, so we HIGHLY recommend taking a look at these prior to meeting your DJ to help get the wheels turning. Your DJ is happy to complete these with you and give you some insights on what works well!

10 / Is there a must play or do not play list? 

Yes! You can find a must-play and a do-not-play list feature in your online planning form. Any jams you love (or hate) with a passion, we want to hear about it!

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