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Let us bring your dream wedding to life! With our expertise in planning and execution, we'll work closely with you to bring your vision to fruition. From the smallest details to the grandest moments, we'll handle it all so you can relax and savor the memories of your special day.








  • Immediate access to client portal and planning forms

  • Tips and tricks sent periodically via email to help get the wheels turning + help with final info meeting preparation

60 Days Out

  • Coordinator reaches out to say hello and schedule meeting

30 Days Out

  • Meeting with YOUR wedding day coordinator

    • Discuss vendor details​

    • Develop wedding day timeline

    • Discuss all events, setup and decor in details

2-3 Weeks Out

  • Coordinator sends you your master wedding timeline draft for YOUR final approval, with a list of any TBD items.

1-2 Weeks Out

  • Coordinator sends finalized wedding day timeline and vendor contacts sheet to you and your vendors.

Your Wedding Day!

Some information to think about prior to meeting with your coordinator:

  • Vendor Information

    • Name | Company | Email | Phone​

    • Contract Hours | Start & End Time

    • Responsibilities

  • Venue Information

    • Earliest Arrival Time​

    • Venue End Times | Last Song & Doors Closed

  • Wedding Party

    • Names​

    • Processional Order

    • Grand Entrance Order

  • Timeline​

    • Pre-Ceremony

    • Ceremony

    • Cocktail Hour 

    • Reception

Upgrades & Add Ons:

  • Ceremony rehearsal coordination

  • Decor set up and breakdown

  • Additional Time

  • Additional Coordinator


1 / Can you explain 'day-of-coordinator' a little more?

There is no such thing as ‘day of’. A coordinator cannot just show up to your wedding day blind with no information or meetings prior. Too many things can go wrong. A coordinator still needs to meet with the couple prior to the actual day to gather information and details so that he/she can be the point person for the bride & groom ensuring that everything goes smoothly as well as be able to properly execute their vision and run a successful event. It's truly a ‘month of/day of’ because we schedule the final detail meeting with our couples for 1 month prior. 

2 / What is the difference between a 'wedding planner' and a 'wedding coordinator'?

A wedding planner lives up to their name! They plan your wedding, either for you or along side you depending on the professional and the level of support you require/prefer. They are there for everything: design, budgeting, pacing planning, vendor research & selection, and, of course, they’re there to ensure your wedding reflects YOU! Wedding planners are typically booked early on in the wedding planning process OR if a couple has begun planning but find they need support to complete the wedding plan.

A wedding coordinator is present on your wedding day to ensure all of the wedding plans come together. A wedding coordinator is perfect for couples who have found their venue & all of their vendors, thought through the logistics and simply need someone to step in on the actual wedding day to run the show so the couple and their loved ones can focus on celebrating and having fun instead of working. Their primary goal is to function as the point person to field all questions and oversee the execution of the day while acting as the liaison between the plan, the vendors, and you.

3 / Will you provide our team of vendors with your timeline? If so-when does this get sent out to them?

Absolutely!  After we finalized you weddings day timeline, your coordinator will send it to all of your vendors 1-2 weeks out from your big day, to ensure everyone is in the know on when things are happening and their individual roles throughout the day. We make sure everyone is on the same page, prior to your wedding day.

4 / Do you provide an emergency bridal kit in case something unexpected arises?

We do! All of our coordinators are equipped with an emergency bridal kit with a variety of items that commonly prove to be necessary at weddings. Extra boutonniere pins, zip ties, lighters, a pen to sign your marriage license... just to name a few!

5 / Do you include decor set up and breakdown in your package? Are there any limitations to this?

Absolutely! Your coordinator will prioritize their timeline based on your specific needs. If your coordination will be taking charge of decor setup, you should tentatively plan on setup beginning approx. 3 hours prior to guest arrival. You may upgrade your package or add on additional hours if more time is needed to cover decor setup + all formal events throughout the evening.

6 / Will you help manage vendors on the day-of including arrival, set-up, timeline management, and breakdown times?

Your coordinator will serve as the “team captain” of all the vendors on the day of the wedding to ensure everyone arrives on time, sets up where they are supposed to, follows any house rules provided by a wedding venue, and act as the liaison between the couple and vendors to follow the master wedding day timeline.

6 / What is the recommended arrival time for our coordinator?

The recommended arrival time for a Day-of Wedding Coordinator can vary depending on the specific needs of the couple and the wedding. However, generally speaking, your coordinator should arrive at the venue early enough to oversee setup and make sure that everything is in place before the ceremony and the reception begin.

Typically, a Coordinator will arrive at the venue several hours before the ceremony to meet with vendors and ensure that everything is set up and ready to go. For example, if the ceremony is at 2 PM, the coordinator should arrive around 10 AM to start overseeing the setup and preparation.

6 / How late does our coordinator typically stay until?

A Day-of Wedding Coordinator's duties and schedule can vary depending on the specific needs of the couple and the wedding, but typically they will stay until the end of the reception or until all major events have concluded.

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